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We are Menes Konsult.

Whether you are a foreigner (business or individual) doing, or desiring to do, business in Africa; Or you are an African company or individual interested in taking advantages of opportunities abroad, we provide the best legal and business tools, resources, and services that will take you from Startup to Success.



The emergence of the Internet, with its lightening-speed communication technologies, has brought great improvements to the arena of cross border business transactions. But on the other hand, it has also provided platforms that encourage and facilitate fraudsters and “fast-talking wannabes” who are constantly seeking ways to take advantage of legitimate businesspersons. These “bad guys” often tout nonexistent products, services, or business deals in an attempt to defraud and steal from unsuspecting individuals and entities. With Menes Konsult at your service, you possess exceptional advantages because you will be backed by credible, reliable, and locally-based professionals who will conduct “real time” and “on location” due diligence on your behalf before you commit your time, money or other resources. We investigate, verify, and confirm the legitimacy, reliability, and credibility of any individual, company, or other entity proposing to do business or relationship with you. And remember those emails that promise millions of dollars, enticing business proposals/ventures, and even everlasting love? Our due diligence team also thoroughly investigates them to provide you detailed report and recommendation before you invest your resources into even sending a reply to any of the emails. Through our services, you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, and prevent the “bad guys” from ripping you off. This is why we proudly refer to our due diligence services as the “Look before Leap” services, because we become your eyes, ears, and boots on ground before you commit your resources. Yes, we Look before you Leap!


Having the right business plan/strategy is essential to the success of every cross-border venture. Through Menes Konsult, you will be fully equipped with a team of successful and currently practicing lawyers, accountants, financial planners, architects, entrepreneurs, software experts, real estate developers/managers, engineers, economists and other professionals who will deliver the right plan and strategy that are specifically tailored to the success of your venture or project. Our services include business and forensic accounting/economic solutions, feasibility studies, damage/injury and economic models, revenue and profit/loss valuation, business and economics expert testimony, business start-ups and reorganization, surveys, raw material and product/supplier sourcing, and management and employee training. What’s more, we are different from the usual consultants who merely claim to repackage your stuff and represent it to you with theoretical narratives and graphs that eventually prove impracticable for your business to implement. Ours is a practical, realistic, get-it-done, TotalBiz Solutions© approach, which simplifies the process and provides you with an original package that is specifically tailored to your business and the local environment. With our team, you can quickly move from your “Startup Home” to “Destination Success.” Remember, it’s not just a plan; it’s TotalBiz Solutions©.


Indeed, the world has become a global village! This statement is especially true in the business world where companies, organizations, governments, and businesspersons must constantly look across their borders for services, technology, human resources, funds, markets/consumers, raw materials, and other resources that are necessary to achieve business goals and success. Because we operate on the strong belief that the Africa not only needs the world, but the world also needs Africa, we have developed innovative and success-oriented strategies and approaches to foster partnership and joint venture relationships between African businesses and foreign businesses so that both sides will benefit by growing globally and maximizing their revenues/profits. Our unique program brings interested parties together for successful partnerships and joint ventures. Real estate and infrastructural development projects are examples of complex transactions that often require, and benefit from, cross-border and international partnerships and collaborations. Again from the exciting financial gains and rewards they bring to the table, these partnerships are also crucial for several other reasons. They contribute to the implementation of technology transfer, advancement of policies, research, and ideas, as well as elimination/reduction of the need to reinvent the wheel. Also, international partnerships and joint ventures often promote a project’s goodwill, credibility, and reliability. Thus, both African and foreign businesses seeking to properly execute projects and transactions will benefit a lot from each other. Our goal is not to merely find a partner for you. Rather, our goal is to find you a partner that is a “good fit” – one with the right resources, attitude, chemistry, and worldview. We take time to run an initial general evaluation of all potential partners, so we can ascertain their structure, projects, needs, human and capital resources. You are better equipped to decide which partner is better for you. We will also assist you in navigating the complex web of discussions, negotiations, paperwork, and regulations that may be involved in ensuring that your agreement and working relationship with your new partner is fair and equitable. And even after your partnership relationship has commenced, we will remain available to ensure continuous synergy and a smooth “merger” of ideas and resources for the success of the project. Among others, we provide joint venture and partnership services in the following key areas:

  • Real Estate Designs, Development, and Construction
  • Infrastructural Designs, Development, and Construction
  • Brand Hotels, High-rise Offices, Apartments, and Malls
  • Concept Drawings and Architectural/Interior Designs
  • Project Management and Construction Administration
  • Code Compliance and Quality Control
  • Technical and Strategic Partnerships
  • Joint Venture Funding/Financing
  • Build, Own and Operate (BOO)
  • Build Operate and Transfer (BOT)
  • Equipment/Machinery Installation, Operation, Maintenance
  • Excavation, Mining and Heavy-duty industries
  • Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Heavy-duty equipment
  • Power Stations and Renewable Energy industries
We partner Africa and the World!

In today’s world, businesses must have the right relationship with their host communities and the general public. It is no longer sufficient to view corporate efforts towards this relationship as a philanthropic afterthought by which the corporation provides at-will favors and privileges to the host community. Rather, such efforts should be seen as an important contributor to the corporation’s bottom-line and should, therefore, be fully integrated into the business plan and model. The right relationship helps the business to increase long-term revenues and profits by building positive public reviews, community trust, high ethical standards to reduce business and legal risk, and shareholder trust. Ultimately, a business with visible and effective community-relations strategies and models will gain consumer spending, consumer acceptance and loyalty, and more market share. We help your business create strategies that are aimed at making a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities, the government, and others. Our team will effectively communicate your company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and the ecological and social environment. Through our work, the community will better understand the importance of cooperation for mutual success and progress. While your business benefits from the community’s peacefulness, stability, workforce and other resources, the community benefits from the employment, workforce training, wealth, tax revenues and philanthropy created by presence of the business. Our approach includes guiding and supporting businesses and organizations in ways to help identify and reduce tensions with the host community. The goal is to give employees and the host community reasons to appreciate and be proud of company and, thereby, avoid tensions, increase loyalty, and reduce costs. Through our work, the company gains happy employees and a good reputation in the community, the ability to attract highly qualified new employees, and also to generate new business opportunities through the contacts and leads it gains from its Community Relations activities. Such contacts might also make it easier for the company to obtain financing for expansion, find promising new locations, or gain favorable treatment in terms of taxes, ordinances, or utilities. Cordial community relations between the company and the community will also motivate the community to rally around and support the company in times of crises that may affect its business. Our community relations approach includes:

  • — Assisting companies in building a public image and morale while fostering a sense of teamwork for long-term business success.
  • — Creating an open two-way communication process with the community to foster better understanding.
  • — Developing targeted campaigns of partnerships between the company and the community.
  • — Developing employee volunteer programs reflecting the company’s strong philanthropic efforts and its spirit of positive social change to endear the company to the community.
  • — Designing programs that reinforce the company’s core mission by providing employees with opportunities and resources to participate in community relations.
  • — Designing specific programs to increase the company’s prestige and acceptance within the host community.
  • — Establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and communities.
  • — Establishing a sustainable bridge and liaison between the companies and the host communities.
  • — Assisting companies to achieve visibility and engender goodwill by sponsoring or supporting community events.
  • — Assisting companies in exploring civic responsibilities and having an active interest in the well being of host communities to gain the long-term benefits of community support, loyalty, and goodwill.
  • We align the community with your business for growth and success!



Funding and financing are the necessities for successfully executing projects and business transactions. Without adequate funds, even the best conceived projects and transactions become mere ideas. This is why Menes Konsult works hard and smart to find money for legitimate and viable projects and transactions in Africa. Through our alliances and partners, we facilitate and provide our clients with access to alternative funding sources that do not require a long credit history and/or collaterals. We offer a range of services that include provision of non-recourse loans, structured financing, lease or purchase of bank instruments like standby letters of credit and bank guarantees, offshore escrow services, paymaster services, bonds, platform trading, private placement programs, asset monetization, and other innovative means of funding and financing projects and transactions.


We leverage our unique experience and relationships to provide our clients with Bank Guarantees (BG) from top 50 global banks. These Bank Guarantees are excellent alternatives for project funding and business financing because they are used to improve credit ratings, back-up facilities for loans, provide performance assurance, and ensure satisfaction of financial obligations. Bank Guarantees may also be used for platform trading and monetized into immediate cash and funds. In fact, Bank Guarantees are often used in lieu of monetary deposits in projects and transactions, which allow clients to avoid parting with cash. Bank Guarantees will often be used to offset or defer payments for projects or goods/services.


Sometimes, a client may have assets such as buildings, machinery, and equipment that are dormant and not being put to use. These assets may be monetized for immediate funding of projects and business transactions. We assist clients to determine the most appropriate and beneficial ways to package and prepare their assets to become suitable for monetization. We then arrange monetization of those assets to provide the client the funds needed for projects and transactions. Clients are able to monetize buildings, machinery, equipment, bank and financial instruments, bonds, precious metals, industrial metals, etc.


We offer credible and reliable offshore escrow services and project-fund management that are designed to operate in accordance with clients’ instructions and project schedule. We utilize offshore Special Purpose Trusts that are safe, efficient, and secure for escrow services and project-funds payment and management payment. Our unique and sophisticated system ensures that funds entrusted to the escrow remain safe at all times and are used only for the purposes specified in the escrow agreement. The system allocates and disburses funds based on performance benchmarks, client orders, project stages, and occurrence of specific events established in the escrow agreement.



The growth in international business and corporations has made off shore banking and financial services more relevant to the success and growth of any business. Global offshore banking makes it easier and more secure for businesses to operate and engage in complex global transactions and projects. It greatly eliminates the risks involved in carrying/transporting cash and financial instruments, and provides better, confidential, and secured payment solutions. We review and analyze your existing resources and needs so that you may better decide whether: offshore banking is for you; your best options in offshore banking; and the best offshore payment solutions for your needs. Our specific need-based offshore banking services, include:
Establishing of corporate bank accounts
Corporate boutique banking & finance
Merchant banking & trade finance
International residential & commercial mortgages
Offshore credit cards & debit cards
Private banking & bitcoin banking
Project funding & financing Opening of corresponding bank accounts

There are only so many people in one country, and once the investment opportunities and markets in that country become saturated, an international presence becomes a matter of necessity. Thus, the best strategy to ensure sustained growth is one that takes a global view. At Menes Konsult, our goal is to ensure that your business enjoys more robust and sustained growth amongst its peers. Therefore, we provide you the proper corporate legal services, which will ensure that your business has legal presence and operates legitimately in any country you desire to expand into. Our teams of global strategic partners that include local lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, bankers and other professionals, help ensure that clients operate not only in accordance with the country’s laws and regulations, but also the local customs and business cultures. When you sign up for our unique Resident General Counsel© program, you have the added advantage of our partners’ years of localized experience, professional goodwill and reputation, and familiarity with your host community. Our global Corporate Law Services include:

  • Corporate Country Director (Resident Director)
  • Global Company Registration
  • Company Secretary
  • Non-governmental Organizations and Foundations (NGOs)
  • Trademark Registration and Protection
  • International Migration and Passport Services
  • Company Registered Agent and Office
  • Fiduciary Services and Trusts Law of Contracts

Companies operating in foreign countries must do so without violating anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of the United States, and Bribery Act of the United Kingdom, prohibit foreign corporations and individuals from engaging bribery and corruption. Both laws are similar and prescribe aggressive prosecution and severe penalties, which include multi-million dollar fines and prison terms, even for actions of third parties. The FCPA was enacted to checkmate incidents of foreign companies bribing local officials in order to win contracts or business. Mere accusation of violating the FCPA can have serious and expensive consequences that include significant expenses, defense costs, penalties, and fines. Essentially, the FCPA: (1) prohibits giving money and valuable items to local officials; (2) requires keeping of accurate and adequate records and accounting controls; and (2a) prohibits falsification of records or failure to implement internal controls. The law applies to U.S. persons and companies, as well as companies and individuals that are involved in U.S. stock exchanges or are within a U.S. territory. At Menes Konsult, we work with clients to provide regular and consistent internal monitoring and controls that ensure clients or their partners do not violate anticorruption and bribery laws. Apart from guiding against violations, such involvement in our clients’ efforts to curb against corruption and bribery may provide legal defense if violations were to occur without the client’s knowledge.


Because we are passionate about our clients’ global growth and success, we provide a range of generic or customized training programs that have sufficient ingredients of the local environment. Our training programs can be delivered to the client and its employees in person, online, or in any other form determined by the client. In addition, the trainings may take place in any country or location desired by the client. Our range of programs include:
– Anti-money Laundering Laws
– Anti-terrorism Sponsorship Laws
– Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act
– The Patriot Act
– Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
– Anti-Workplace Harassment, Discrimination/Retaliation Policies
– Conflicts of Interest, Privacy and Data Protection Policies
– Protection of Confidential Information

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